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Your vocabulary lesson of the day is “To be born in the caul”

We say that babies are born in the caul when they are born with their membranes intact surrounded by their amniotic fluid. It’s pretty uncommon for it to happen much in hospitals now because many nurse midwives and obstetricians break laboring women’s water to try to speed along labor. I have seen a few at home births, in fact the first baby I caught as an apprentice midwife was a baby girl born in the caul at midnight on a full moon. It was a pretty special birth! <3 This little one seems to have had a surgical assist into this world. 

And now you’ve had a peek into the fetal world from which we all originated and a little lesson in natural childbirth vocabulary. 

This picture always makes me smile. It’s like a peek into the womb. We get to see how little one looks all curled up in their sac. Since it was a c-section, we also get a good look at how their skin looks covered in vernix before a lot of it is squished off by passing through the birth canal. It’s a moment of gestation most people never get to see, frozen in time. It’s so incredibly beautiful.

I think this is a really amazing picture. I’m curious though, is the placenta also in the bag of waters? Or is it outside of it? I’ve heard of women who give birth vaginally to babies in the sac… But I don’t understand how it happens. Does the contractions and pushing just never break the bag? I guess I never thought the bag was that tough, but my midwife had issues breaking mine, so I guess it can be sometimes.

A Libra is caring and loving but can also be selfish, rude and cold when they believe they are being treated unfairly.

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